Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to get started?

1) Select 2 sets of 5 meals to get 5 lunches and 5 dinners for 5 full days!

2) FREE pickup at the selected location (Contact for information)

  • Which location can I pickup at?

Contact for more information

  • What address can I email for questions about the meals or how it works?

-Company Email:

-Fawntae Jones (owner): 405.886.0038

Meal Plans

  • Choose 5, 10, or 15 meal sets. 

If you choose 10 meals, you have 2 sets of lunches and 2 sets of dinners for 5 days!

If you choose 15 meals, you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner for 5 days!


  • How long do the meals last?

Meals last 5 full days in the fridge. Meaning if you have meals delivered to you on Sunday, they will last all the way until Friday.


Meals last 10 days in the freezer. 

We recommend freezing if you do not consume the meals within 3 days. 

Thaw any meals the day before before consumption.

  • How do I heat my meals?

2 minutes in the microwave if thawed

  • Are the meals frozen when purchased?

Nope ma'am (or sir)! Everything is delivered fresh!


  • How many calories are each meal?

All Calories counts are listed in each item!

Delivery/Picking Up

  • Is there a delivery fee?

$10 per request 

  • What areas do Ummi's Kitchen Meal Prep service?

The Metro Oklahoma City Area

  • What time are pick ups?

Sundays 5 pm in Moore, OK

Sundays 4 pm Norman, OK

  • How does pick up work?

You choose pick up at checkout, and we will fulfill the items!

Contact us for more information

  • Who can I contact for delivery issues?

-Company Email:



Fawntae "Sincere" Jones