Afghanistan - Beef Menti Dumplings "Salad" (May)
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Afghanistan - Beef Menti Dumplings "Salad" (May)

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Travel to the Asia via Afghanistan with our Beef Menti Dumplings Meals! Our hand stuffed 6 stuffed dumpling filled with seasoned with ground beef, onion, cilantro, garlic and turmeric steamed in a bamboo steamer basket. These dumplings served with a tomato yellow split pea sauce and topped with garlic mint yogurt sauce.

This is apart of our rotating Salad/Soup Menu. It is not a Salad but its good!

Food Fun Facts

Dumplings are hugely popular in Afghan culture but usually reserved for special meals at home, as they are time-consuming to make.....Each family or village will have its own version of these dishes.