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The cold snap

Posted by Fawntae Jones on

You know, I have been really wanting cooler weather. Many people ask me am I hot sporting my Khimar and Niqaab. Of course I am hot all women are gorgeous babes! Giggles, I was NOT ready for the cold snap, our temperature yoyo's 40 degrees in one day! All I could think about was Hot tea and comfort foods. So yes I opened my tea arsenal and drank 6 cups of Double Spiced Chai with no milk but lots of sugar. I contemplated what warm comfort foods I wanted to whip up in my own kitchen. My sweet sweet friend visited some time ago and we dined on Vegetable Lasagna! She asks me now and again if I made it again and save a big hunk for her husband!
I try and always sent food home with my friends so they don't have to worry about cooking when they get home, that gives us more time to giggle, drink tea and giggle more! So be on the look out for that. (yes that was a long run on sentence sorry Mrs. Piska my Middle School English teacher)
But the first thing on the menu will be Stuffed Peppers! InshaAllaah I am going to try a Vegetarian Version for my Food Delivery taste tester using Lentils. I stumbled across this