Systems, checks and balances


Hello Foodie Friends! Another week is upon us, we had a really great weekend in the Kitchen! We hosted guest and they tasted our Comfort Food for the week! My local foodie friends ate Grilled Mustard Chicken Breast, Yellow Rice with Pigeon Peas, Chicken Rainbow Salads, Whipped Potatoes and Corn Bread Muffin! I really enjoy having guests! We get to catch up on odds and ends, plan what our next ventures would be, and the children can enjoy each other and play! Good friends are very special and are blessings from above! They really help balance things out so you don't go to far this or that way! Taking a friend bread also helps reboot your system to you can really put good work in! My friend suggested Chili, so be on the look out for Chili on our menu!
On a side note, I have been tinkering with our White Lasagna! I am very pleased with this version! It has 100% Keto Friend, It has 3 cheeses, heavy whipping cream a tad of butter Zucchini, Broccoli, Mushrooms and other things! What I really like is its tasty and customizable! One Serving feeds 2 heartily but up to 4 comfortable! Have a super week foodie!

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