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Salads, Salads I Love Salads

Posted by Fawntae Jones on

I can not say it loud enough! I love salads, I love the crunch of the lettuce, the spice from the onions (burning throat if I add to much) smooth smokiness from the cheese, crunch from the carrots, or the taste of summer year long with cucumbers.... It just takes me to my happy place, sipping tea, painting and munching on salads! I have recently been introduced to a Keto lifestyle. It seems very doable ex-nay on the sugar-ay but I will add more of that in my life! I am thinking of adding Keto meals and Mediterranean dishes in our kitchen. My household loves olives, cheese and cheese (did I say that already) So be on the look out or testers before we find our restor! That is how Smokey Broccoli and Cheese found a permanent spot on the books! If you have tried either eating plan, please share your experience with us!