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My Paw Paw

Posted by Fawntae Jones on

Hello Foodie Friends! You know time flies so fast. I was sitting reflecting at the stove while I was whipping up some grub that I have always been around cooking family. My Momma was the Salad Master, My Grandma was the Chili, big family Master, My Uncle was the Burger Master, My Aunt was the Healthy Food Whipper Upper (free way for a colon cleansing), but my Paw Paw ,bless his cooking hands, was the BBQ Smoker! In his backyard, he turned refrigerators into BBQ Smokers! Folks from blocks would come bring they cuts of meat so he can smoke them. He grew watermelons in the yard! He would tell me how he cooked this and always wanted to stuff me full of food! He had a BBQ restaurant at the mall and caters for events, businesses, churches, family functions, all that. Do you know my Paw Paw is like 80 years old! I didn't believe him! He said he always wanted to have one of his grandchildren open a restaurant/eatery. And look years later here I am! I have lots of hand written notes of our conversational recipes. I am going to covert them to electronic and laminated files because they are as special as he is!
I love cooking! I love putting smiles on peoples faces and making their bellies happy! I have really started to gear my food love towards meal preparation. With things moving so fast people, do not have the time to make good home cooked meals. Crazy as it seems people are lacking the know how too! Burger joints and eat in restaurants are many peoples go to. But it sure isn't like Grandma and Paw Paw cooking , unless its their spot! That is what we are trying to do with Ummi's Kitchen! Ummi means Mom, we aim to bring you food your mom makes! Our challenge is that many people are on different dietary journeys. That means more fun for us! So stay tune for our growing menu! If there is something you would like for us to make drop us a line! As always if your suggested item gets on the menu, you get it free for helping us grow!
I was making salads for this weeks meal prep and thought, hey we need some snacks! I needed to healthier choice than those stripped animal cakes that keeps coming up missing from our pantry. No it is not me this time, our smallest apron has been knocking them off on the sneak! Pretzels and fruits it is now!
Bumps on the Log
1 celery stalk, washed and ends trimmed
2 tablespoons creamy cinnamon peanut butter
10 Milk Chocolate-Covered Raisins (or just raisins for the UNFUN version)
FILL celery with peanut butter (you can pipe it with a sandwich bag its way cleaner)
Press the Fun (or unfun) raisin into peanut butter. And enjoy!