Happy New Years! It finally 2020........... Or is it?

Happy Gregorian Calendar New Years! Did you know that there are about 40 different calendars that are used worldwide! I knew of at least 5 but did know it was 35 more! This year...well whatever the day and year that you use. Okay as of 11 days ago, Ummi's Kitchen Catering has made a resolution to use as many Made in Oklahoma products in our Commercial and personal Kitchen! We are are new baby business. Sadly I am seeing many BIG name businesses closing and little Mom & Pop stores and obliterated! First competing with the Big Dogs is a task and adding on locale economic changes! Yes it COULD be a downward spiral or more room for positive growth! So we here at the Kitchen are doing our part!

If you know of any local (Oklahoma, or Oklahoma Metro Area) products you would like us to use, add, try or sample. Let us know! We have so far tried Amelia Creamery (awesome), Yellow Dogs Coffee, Homeland Products, Crest Products, Wildhorse Canyon Farms, Sadie Js Popcorn, Bradley's Family Farm, Bedre, Griffins, Suan's, deVine Artesian Water, Shawnee Mills, Head Country, Billy Sims, Lundholm Tech, Boneta Designs,The Looney Farm, 2 microgreen company and a Old School Mustard.... (I can not recall these last 2 names but I am on a hunt for them). There are a few I can think of off the top of my head. So this is our goal and effort to convert as much as possible to local stuff. It will be more costly for use but work it. We should try our best to keep as much money rolling around our local community as possible. Local peoples needs jobs too! 

Next we have tweeked, nipped, and expanded the menu. We have changed how we are rolling out our International Meal Prep products and meals for you! We have our Standard soups, Salads, Grazing Bowls, Protein Bites (new), Cookies and Scones that won't change. We also have added our rotating Meal Prep Menu. That is the International Rotating portion. This way clients are not burnt our on the same ole same ole food all year. If rotates! OPTIONS! Now if you are a die hard I HAVE TO Have that thing you made last month, we can accommodate that as well! (Let us know)

For LIMITED Catering(we are not serving or cooking onsite**we drop off food and go), pick a region and order! If you prefer something else we can arrange that. There will be a small Tasting/Sampling fee for that (food isn't free). But that fee is deducted from your order! Think deposit/reservation fee!

If you prefer our Full Catering services (all the bells and whistlers, Chaffing Equipment, Dining ware, Servers etc) We can do that too!

InshaAllah I plan to have "Teas" this year! Ladies Teas, Little Miss Teas, Mother Son Tea. Something catchy (still in brainstorming mode). So be on the look out for more awesome fancy place settings!

We hope to bring another year of foodie fun and meet more of our Foodie Friends. We have started a YouTube Channel also, (I am NOT a robot I DO Sleep) We hope to share what we are learning with you to boast your kitchen skills and pantry.We would also like to share ways to extend your household food budget with tips and tricks! 

This year we are recognizing more young ladies (10-18) who are showing the 3 C's of Leadership! Courage, Compassion, and Caring! The world can be so rough, we wanted to uplift these beauties! Email us at Eat@UmmisKitchen.com subject line " Pastel Nominee". Share her great story with us! We are looking to recognize the 3 School Groups (Elementary, Middle School, High School) Your young lady will be reward with a Certificate, Balloon Bouquet, "Trophy" and Monetary Gift (instant gratification). In time I would like to add a scholarship aspect local business partners participating! As of now baby steps. Everyone can do a little something to recognize someone, who knows? Your recognition could help heal a wound or stop from making one (insert smiley face and hearts here)! Deadline ,  January 31st        Recognition Feb 15th.... US residence only! If not in the Oklahoma Metro City, no problem! Snail Mail!! We will mail it to her! Send a picture and forget to tag us in the picture! 

We have big plans for "2020" buckle up for the ride! If you are still reading this thanks a bunch! You should be rewarded! Use promo code "Blog Reader" for 10% off your next order!

Much Love and Happy Chewing!

Fawntae "Sincere" Jones

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